Happy October!

Decorating for Fall makes me really happy, there is just something about the warm colors that is comforting to me. I have taken a few pictures to showcase some of my pieces I have out for Fall this year. This is my first Fall in the new house so I am still trying to decide how to decorate everything to the way I like.

Small and Large Metal Pumpkins: Kohl’s
Pumpkin on Mantle: Hobby Lobby

All decor and Candles: Gold Canyon Candles

Chalk Board: Kohl’s
Creating seasonal designs on a chalk board is so fun! It’s a decor pice you can leave out all year and customize for the month or season!

Candles, Stand, Wraps: Gold Candle Candles
Cloth Pumpkins: Purchased at a local craft fair

All decor and candles: Gold Canyon Candles

Hope you enjoyed my decor and are inspired for your own fall decorating!
Most items in the pictures were purchased this season so they could probably still be found in the store.


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