Starbucks Halloween Costume: DIY

Happy belated halloween everyone! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, and I am so glad Miguel really gets into it as well. I love decorating, carving pumpkins, handing out candy to trick-or-treaters and of course, dressing up! I am pretty crafty and do all of my Halloween costumes on my own. This year I went as a Starbucks Drink and Miguel as a barista. It was a pretty easy and cheap costume (I already owned most of the stuff) and here’s how you can make it yourself:


What You Will Need:

Drink Costume:

  • Tan Dress – I Bought mine on Amazon for around $18 and I can wear it again!
  • Black tights
  • Black Shoes
  • White Boa – I bought mine on Amazon it was around $3
  • Paper Towel Roll Cardboard
  • Hunter Green Acrylic Paint

Barista Costume:

  • Green Apron- I bought mine on Amazon for around $8
  • Black dress shirt
  • Jeans

For Both Costumes:

  • Cardstock and Printer
  • Double Sided Tape


What You Will Have to Do:

  1. Google the Starbucks logo and print it off on your card-stock. You will want to scale the images so one covers the majority of the piece of paper and one is about a quarter of the size of the piece of paper.
  2. Paint your paper towel roll green and let dry.
  3. Cut out your logos and use your double-sided tape to attach them to the apron and dress.
  4. Get dressed!
  5. I tied my boa together at the ends so I could use it more as an infinity scarf style.
  6. I just stuck the paper towel roll straw into the top of my dress. The boa covered this up so you couldn’t tell.


And voila! An easy, cheap and fast DIY halloween costume (and not forgetting to mention- CUTE!) I hope everyone had a great Halloween.





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