Christmas Wreath DIY – Anyone can do it.

Christmas time is here! It is my first Christmas in my new house and I have been so excited to decorate! I wanted our home to feel warm and cozy and Christmas-y but I didn’t have a ton of Christmas decorations, we have a pretty large house and all those decor items can really add up when you are starting from scratch and you need want to buy everything.

One thing I really wanted in order to put the final touch on my ‘winter wonderland” was two wreaths hanging in my living room either side of the TV. I looked at wreaths at a few stores  and although I found wreaths I like with all the berries and sprigs and ribbons, I just couldn’t justify spending $30+ per wreath. Then I went to Michaels and saw that they had plain wreaths for only 2.99 and thought why don’t I just make my own?

So here’s what I did:

-Bought two wreaths for $3 each. (Michael’s has 50% ALL THE TIME) I bought the 18 inch ones because I didn’t need anything too big.

-Bought little berry sprigs and sparkly twigs to stick into the wreaths. (They were originally $1.75 each but were 60% off and I bought 8 of them)

-Fluffed the wreath and stuck the sprigs into the wreath (they stuck in there pretty well)

-Hung on the wall with a command strip.

So for about $5 a piece, I created cute wreaths that I think add a great touch of coziness and really finish off the look I was going for. Plus it was SO EASY anyone could do it. Plus no extra supplies needed and you can make it just the way you want.


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