Life Lately: Christmas is Coming

Today I am trying out something new. I really want this blog to give people ideas for their own homes and lives but also tell the story of my life. So here is my first of many “Life Lately” posts. This blog series is meant for telling my everyday life story, when there is nothing “big” going on but I still want to share what is happening currently.

Life around our house lately has consisted of Christmas and winter activities. Here’s a look at what we have been up to this past week or so:

Decorating the Christmas Tree! Most of my ornaments I have been collecting over many years (thanks, dad.) and I am so excited I finally have a tree to put them all on! I really enjoyed unwrapping all of the ornaments since I forgot what many looked like since I haven’t got to use them yet.

Plus I did some other decorating too of course..

Wrapping! I have been wrapping presents like mad the past couple of weeks but I am finally almost done! (Like 2 presents left.) We turned the empty guest bedroom upstairs into my Santa’s workshop. It was great because I could have presents and paper and bags and tape all spread out and when I wasn’t working on wrapping I could just close the door and hide it all. No putting it away and then dragging all the stuff out every time I had a present to wrap. This was definitely a life saver. Here’s a look at some of finished products:

I wrapped my mini candles up in cellophane and tied a little tag on it.
Instant easy and cute gift.

There was also some baking going on. (These might be from a box but they are seriously the best sugar cookies ever)

We went on a tour of Christmas lights. Miguel knows where all the big houses with lights are because he used to put up Christmas lights for as a job in college 🙂 This is our neighbor’s house, I am not kidding when I say they went all out. This isn’t even all of the lights. There backyard is lit too. Insane.

We finished putting our upstairs loft together with TV, bluray, sound system and cuddle couch so last weekend, Miguel and I decided to watch all of the Harry Potter movies in a row from start to finish. We have made it through the first four so far. But here is where you can find us for the next four:

It has already snowed twice this year here in Iowa. After the first snow, Miguel decided he needed a snow blower for our large drive way so we went and bought one yesterday. Here he is out pushing snow this morning while I sat inside with my hot chocolate 😉

Well that’s all for this week. Hope you enjoyed a little look into our lives and stay tuned for more. I will be posting on the blog more often from now on so keep checking back (or even better, scroll down and subscribe to my blog and get post updates!)


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