Since I am still getting a hang of this blogging thing I am trying out something new (again). I have been reading other bloggers’ Friday Favorite posts and decided to write one myself! You can find the original link ups (where I got the image and idea from) here:

Basically, I am just going to name, picture and link some of my favorite things I have bought, used or loved this week!

Lush Lip Scrub

I just bought this scrub over Thanksgiving after my sister suggested I try one out since my lips are always so cracked and flakey. And seriously, it is the BEST. It makes my lips so soft and I can definitely tell a difference. It is worth the money because a little goes a long way and the container is packed full. Another plus is that it tastes delicious! I got the mint julip one but I am sure others are also tasty. I apply it after I brush my teeth and then apply lip balm for soft and smooth lips. You can find it here. This was my first Lush purchase I am looking forward to buying more Lush products in the future.

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer

This mixer is my early Christmas present from Miguel and I am so excited about it. (Early because I originally wanted it to make cookies and I make a lot of cookies before Christmas so it wouldn’t do me much good to receive it after Christmas). Also, it’s hard for us to keep secrets from each other so sometimes it is just easier to know what we are getting AND it was on sale for Black Friday at Kohl’s and we couldn’t just not take the great deal. (It is priced back up now but still on sale). If you don’t have a stand mixer, you should think about investing in one because it is seriously life changing. I used it for the first time this week and it made mixing up cookies a breeze. I had never used any type of mixer before and always did everything by hand, even stirring butter, and this made my life so much easier.

OXO Silicone Drying Pad

We bought this mat at Target when we moved into our new house and I had no idea how much I would love it. I keep it by my sink and it comes in handy all the time. You can put clean dishes on it, sometimes I put dirty dishes on it to protect my counters, I have used it as a cutting board and also i have but hot dishes on it. It is for real multi-purpose. I keep it out all the time but it is very easy to put away if you want to clean up.

Mix and Match Mama Recipes

I have been reading Shay Shull’s blog lately, Mix and Match Mama and I am obsessed. Her family is adorable and she blogs some really great stuff. Find her blog here– I love it! She is also a food blogger and I have been trying out some of her recipes. I made this pasta this week and it was super easy and yummy! Here’s a picture of my final product:

Thanks for reading, see you next week!


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  1. Visiting from the link up! Glad you found something that works for your lips, cracked/chapped lips are so painful! I feel like I tried everything out there before realizing that straight up vaseline does the trick for me!

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