Christmas Vacation

We just got back from visiting family over the Christmas weekend, now it is time to put all our new stuff away and get some things checked off of our “honey-do lists”. (Miguel is currently in the basement assembling shelves and reorganizing the bar). Today I am sharing a recap of what we did while we were away with our family! I wish I had more pictures to share with you but I find that I don’t take many pictures when I am with my family because I am having fun and my phone is usually set down somewhere else and I am not even on it. I like being present but I also wish I had more pictures.

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we woke up at home and opened our presents from each other and I made a sausage and tatortot breakfast casserole and we watched Miguel’s favorite Christmas movie, Home Alone 2, while I got everything packed and ready to visit family.

In the afternoon, we drove to Mt. Pleasant to my mom’s house. Christmas Eve is always at my Mom’s and this year we had a full house which was great. We eat appetizers, drink Christmas cocktails, open presents and this year we played Heads Up (Ellen Degeneres’ game) on my iPad. I don’t have any pictures of us playing but it is super fun and everyone had a great time playing and I highly recommend it for any family gathering!

Miguel and I

Me and my siblings.

Mom and her children (it was a very plaid Christmas this year and completely unplanned).

I wish I would’ve gotten more pictures with everyone too! Maybe next year 🙂

Christmas Day

Every year on Christmas day, my sister and I get up and go to our Dad’s house. Now Miguel joins us as well. I wish I had more pictures of this too, my dad is the photographer with his nice camera and I rarely have my phone on me. We open presents with my grandparents, eat snacks and have our traditional Christmas dinner of Prime Rib and spaghetti (this is only because I refuse to eat Prime Rib, I know, it’s weird).

December 26th

The day after Christmas is my Papa’s birthday so we always celebrate while we are in town. This year we went to my grandparents’ house. We were supposed to have some appetizers and snacks then order pizza but we had so many snacks that everyone was so full, we didn’t even need the pizza. We drank Moscow Mules, which are Miguel’s favorite and a big hit in my family. We also played Heads Up again and it was a lot of fun. Again, sorry for the lack of pictures.

December 27th

This day is also known as my make shift birthday at my Dad’s. We usually celebrate on this day because I go back home before my actual birthday on the 31st. This year I chose to go to Pinstripes which is a super cool place where you can reserve bocce ball courts or bowling alleys and there’s also a bar and restaurant. We played bocce ball (the “kids” won) and then we ate at the restaurant after. The drinks and food were great and everyone had a fun time. I have a few more pictures of the action on this day.

And that was our long weekend. We had a lot of fun but it’s great to be home. I am so lucky I get this entire week off from work. Now time to get the million things checked off of my to do list before I go back to work. Check back tomorrow for my 2016 year in review post!


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