One of my goals for the new year is to whip my body back into the shape it used to be in one day (like when I had 2.5 hours of cheerleading practice and ran on the treadmill everyday in high school). Which brings me to my new series- on the first Wednesday of every month I am going to write about how my fitness goals are coming along. Sharing this on my blog is to keep me on track and to hold myself accountable because every time I start a workout plan, it lasts about a month and then I fall out of my routine. I’m planning on keeping to it this time.

My goal is to maybe lose a few pounds but most importantly to tone up and firm up and look over-all more lean and fit. I want to look good in that wedding dress! So hopefully you will be seeing 12 of these posts in the next year!

Month: January

How much I am working out: My goal is to work out at least 5 days a week. Since Thursday I have worked out 5 times so that is going well so far. Currently I am doing about 15 minute long workouts but I hope to raise my goal to 30 minutes by the end of the month.

What I’m doing to work out this month:  I pick a work out from my Pinterest board that I have pinned (you can find them here) every time I work out. I am trying to mix it up and not do the same thing everyday. I am focusing on alternating workouts between arms, abs and thighs/butt strength training as well as mixing in some cardio that I can do inside. HIIT workouts are interesting to me now so maybe I will pursue more of those types of workouts. I have two 5 pound dumbbells I use to supplement my workout.

Any Progress I am seeing: None yet, I just started 🙂 I am going to take a full body picture once a month and write the day and weight on it to keep track for myself. It’s not something I feel needs to be posted online but I think it is a good thing to keep for yourself.

Hopefully this will be an inspiration to some of you as well! If you would like to be workout buddies (in real life or virtual) or need support or encouragement or workout plans, let me know! I think it is always easier to stick to a plan when you have someone along side you.

Happy New Year!


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