I am super excited about my new planner and organizer I just got for this year so I am sharing them today to give you all an inside look at them and my opinions on them!

In the past, I have always gotten a Lilly Pulitzer Large Agenda to keep track of my calendar and to do lists. However, I always felt like my daily “To Do Lists” were taking up too much of my daily sheets and interfering with my calendar. So this year I was super excited to find out Lilly created a new Organizer/Planner that was solely dedicated to “To Do Lists.” Perfect, right? I thought so. However, after looking through the To Do list planner, I realized that I also wanted something to keep track of dates and my calendar. Lilly now makes their beloved agenda in multiple sizes (Jumbo, Large, Medium and Small) which is great so you have options to pick what fits your life style!

Lilly Pulitzer Mini Agenda

Since I wanted the specific To Do list planner, I didn’t think it was necessary to buy my regular Large size agenda. I bought the small size and I do not regret it! It has the exact same layout and everything as a Large Agenda but is just smaller (it’s about the size of my hand)! It fits in my purse much easier and it is the perfect size just for writing important dates and appointments and commitments in it. They no longer have my print online but the one they have left is on sale for only $9 thanks to the after party sale!

Lilly Pulitzer To Do List Notebook

This planner was made for me. I already made To Do lists for every single day and this just makes it so much easier (and cute). The good thing about this planner is that it doesn’t have any dates in it so you can start it at any point in the year and if you don’t need to make a list for a day, you don’t waste a page! It is the size of a Large Agenda so there is a ton of room to write everything down.

Every page looks exactly the same and there are no “extra” sheets like the regular agendas have. It is very straight forward and to the point. One side of a page has room for the date, a shopping list, appointments and any calls or emails you need to make for the day.

The other side is open to make a To Do list however you want!

I am a die-hard Lilly Pulitzer fan when it comes to agendas and with the new things they keep coming up with, I think it will be hard to ever switch! I highly recommend any of their planners – pick any one that works for you and yo will be happy. What are your favorite agendas/organizers? I am a planning freak so I would love to hear!


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