How I am Working My New Year’s Goals

Here’s my very first Workin’ It Wednesday! This is a link up I found on Mix and Match Mama – there is one post a month on various topics. It is fun and you should definitely link up with me! Comment your blog post or how your working your New Year goals below!

Here is how I am planning to get my goals accomplished:

First things first, PLAN AHEAD and make your goals in advance, before you plan on working on them.

This year I wrote down goals that I wanted to accomplish in 2017. These included topics in every aspect of my life and I wanted to focus on doing things that were going to make me happier and less stressed out.

After I wrote down big and broad topics, I decided that at the beginning of every month I should take those big goals and write monthly goals I can do that will help me achieve my year long goals. That way I can focus in on specific points and things aren’t so over whelming and they seem much more manageable! I highly recommend doing this.

Another tip to be even more organized on accomplishing your goals:
After writing out my monthly goals, I made sure I turned them all into “Action Items.” For example, instead of saying, “take better care of my skin” say “do an exfoliation face scrub twice a week”. It is so much easier to accomplish your goals when you make them into a To Do List.

Then after I had my action items I took to my new Planner to write down what days I was going to do them. I did this for the entire month. This way, you can’t write down your list at the beginning of the month, put it down somewhere and completely forget about it because it will be right there in your calendar! It also helps with spacing things out so you can accomplish everything on your list and you aren’t trying to fit everything in on the last week. If I write something in my planner I am way more likely to get it done.

I will be recapping all of my January goals where I will explain my goals in more detail and  talk about what I got done and what I didn’t as well as posting my February goals in a post sometime towards the end of the month.

Here are the topics I have decided to focus on this year:

-Wedding Planning:
I will also be starting a series on how my wedding planning is going so stay tuned for that where I will go into more detail!

-Growing my Blog

See my post here.

-Skin and Beauty

-House and Home

-Read one book per month

Thanks for reading, see you Friday!

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  1. I wrote down all of my goals in my 17 in 2017 post and then I’m breaking it down into smaller goals each month to help achieve my 2017 goals. Writing down everything is so key!

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