Hello, friends. Happy Friday! Today I am sharing some of my favorite makeup products that I love so much I think you should try as well!

I am by no means a makeup pro or guru. I just like easy stuff that will give me a nice natural look and I think these products do the trick (and are my personal favorites)

Tarte BB Tinted Primer

I decided that I wanted to get away from using foundation on my skin. I felt like it was too heavy and not doing any good to my skin. I did some research and read that this BB cream was light, oil free and did a good job evening skin tone. I tried it and I don’t think I’m ever going back! I barely feel like I am wearing any makeup and it evens out my skin tone, which is all I really want. I put on an clear primer first then apply. Then I finish with my powder bronzer and blush – no foundation. You can buy it at Sephora here.

Urban Decay Brow Beater

I am an Urban Decay junkie and this product did not disappoint. I have the lightest eyebrows ever and I need to fill them in. I have tried a lot of different products (including Urban Decay’s Brie box) and this one is my favorite so far. One end is a brush to smooth your brows and the other end is a soft twist up pencil. It is so easy to fill in my rows and I think it looks natural. Plus, no sharpening. Sephora

Urban Decay Naked Flushed Pallete 

This pallete includes a bronzer, brush and highlighter. I love the warmness of the colors and it compliments me well. I just think this is a solid powder kit to invest in.

NARS Lip Pencil

So I am not a lipstick person at all, but this stuff I love! The tip looks almost like a crayon and it has more moisture than a standard lipstick. It glides on smooth and gives a nice color for someone like me that doesn’t like to be too bold in the lip department. My color is a rose pink and you can find it here. I also have it in a deep red that I use occasionally when going out. I would defiantly recommend this to anyone!

Thanks for reading! Comment your favorite products or what you think I should try!

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