Life Lately

Life lately around here has, for the most part, not been very exciting. This month I have had like no pictures on my phone because we haven’t been doing anything too special. We go to work, we do errands and chores and we eat and we sleep. Plus we have been trying to be conservative with our money to save for the wedding. That said, here are the pictures I’ve taken the last few weeks that give a little look into our life lately.

I put together this gallery wall in our loft. I am really happy with the way it turned out! I found everything at Gordman’s and Miguel helped pick stuff out.

This sweet old man is Bill. He “works” with Miguel. He really just drives trucks for Miguel’s company – he still has his CDL! We like to go out to eat with him and we enjoy each others’ company.

Miguel loves his daily ice cream treat. He wanted to buy cones this time around and I think he is a pretty good scooper, maybe he should be a professional!

Last weekend, Miguel went to Dubuque to go snowboarding with his friends. He finally got to use all of the gear he got a couple of years ago for Christmas. He doesn’t get to go often but he really enjoys doing it – he was definitely sore afterwards!

While Miguel was snowboarding, I went dress shopping with my mom and nana. If you have been reading along, you already know this but I bought my wedding dress and I am super excited about it!

This weekend, we shopped and we ate. It’s what we do best. We ate at Hurricane’s Grill – it kind of made us feel like we were somewhere warm with the beach decor and tropical drinks even though it was grey and rainy outside.

We each had a rice bowl – it was pretty good!

We finished this weekend watching the Falcons and Packers Game. Miguel is a huge Falcons fan so this was a big game for him. It was a great game to watch and Miguel is super happy to watch his Falcons in the Super Bowl 🙂

Like I said, a pretty short and uneventful post but this is our life, hope you enjoyed! Check out what I have been wearing lately in my next post on Wednesday.

Have a happy week!

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