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As I promised, I am writing my goals for the month of February as well as recaping my Goals from January and discussing how I did on meeting those goals.

I think it is very beneficial to write out things you want to accomplish and set a deadline. I like making monthly goals because it allows me to regroup every month and refocus on the things that are most important at that time in my life. I also turn my list of goals into action items and schedule them into my planner. This way, I know I will get them done. If getting organized and meeting your goals (and staying sane while doing it) is something you would like to work on, feel free to contact me as I would love to give you more advice and tips and work with you so you can get everything done you want with as little stress as possible. Planning and organizing is an area I think that I excel at.

January Goals:

Read One Book:Accomplished! See my book review here.
Add Some Decor to the Home:Accomplished! See my gallery wall I created.
Do a face mask twice per week:Not accomplished. I think I only did one all month
-Plan a cleaning schedule for the month and stick to it: Accomplished! I clean on Sundays so at the beginning of the month, I wrote out in my planner what I should clean every Sunday to keep my house looking good.
-Workout 5 times per week:Accomplished. I stuck to a plan and only took about 4 rest days all month and days that I didn’t work out I tried to do a YouTube Yoga video instead. I created my own HIIT workout that I will be talking about in my Workout Wednesday Post soon.
Cross one thing off of my wedding to do list every week:Somewhat accomplished. I crossed a lot of things off but not everything. Read more about it next week in my Wedding Wednesday post.

-Post Three times per week:Accomplished.
-Plan blog posts 1 month in advance:Accomplished. This helps big time!
-Collaborate with my sister and her blog:Accomplished. See our posts here.

February Goals:

-Read One Book: The Flood Girls
-Home Project:Save for and buy Ottoman for loft.
-Face mask twice per week: Gotta work on this.
-Cleaning Schedule: Did the same plan for February, hope to stick to it again!
-Increase Workout from 18 minutes to 21 minutes for my HIIT. Continue to workout at least 5 times per week.
-Same wedding goal as last month, cross one thing off my list every week.

-Interact with more bloggers and create relationships.
-Grow my Instagram following. 
-Work on my photography and graphics

This month I am also going to work on growing my Gold Canyon Business. It has taken a back burner lately and it needs some attention. Please look at the catalog and shop at cmelzer.mygc.com and as always I am looking for hosts who want to earn free candles!

Isn’t this portrait my sweet friend Hollie took, so cute? I will be sharing more of her pictures and including them in my blog makeover that will be coming soon!

Thanks for reading!

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