Happy Friday! I am so excited for the weekend – Miguel and I are headed to Des Moines for a little weekend getaway and it’s going to be so much fun! But today I am sharing with you some of my favorite products I have bought lately and am loving. I haven’t done a Friday favorite in forever so here it goes!

I got my hair trimmed and my hairdresser recommended this leave-in conditioner for me and it has been LIFE CHANGING. I’m serious. I struggle with the most tangled hair on the planet, I swear. Combing my hair after a shower would take 10+ minutes and I would just be ripping my hair out of my head in clumps because it was so tangled. It was so frustrating and my least favorite part of the day. Since I have been using this, it has cut my combing time in half and it is so much less tangled! No more ripping out clumps of hair! It keeps my hair smooth all day and smells great too. If you get tangled hair you should buy this ASAP.

This is my fave eyeliner. It glides on so smooth and lasts all. day. long. Urban Decay always has the best products in my opinion.

I just got this mascara after recommendation from my sister (I used U.D. Perversion before) and I think I might have to say this is better. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara. It will enhance your eyelash game, I promise.

Okay so after loving their Mascara, I decided to give Too Faced’s eyeshadow a try. Now look, I am a die hard Urban Decay Naked pallete fan, don’t get me wrong, but this is making it really hard to say Naked is still my favorite palette. This natural eyes palette is perfect!! It is great for my everyday look because I never do anything too fancy and the colors are perfect. It even lays out three different looks (Day, Classic and Fashion) and the pamphlet tells you where on your eye to apply them (which for make up challenged people like me, I need it to be laid out for me). I think that is the reason why I like it so much and I 100% recommend.

After everything else in this post was beauty related, I thought I should share something non beauty. Last weekend, Miguel and I treated ourselves and bought an apple tv. There’s nothing new and exciting about this little box but here is what I love about it: we don’t have a cable box connected to our upstairs tv but we can watch all of our shows because you can download any TV station’s app to watch their shows, you can hook it up to your iPhone, iPad or Mac and display what ever is on your screen, all my iTunes music is on there as well as any movies we have on iTunes. It’s just a super convenient little box to have if you are an Apple person!

Have a happy weekend! See you on Monday! Let me know what you think about these products or if you’ve ever tried them in the comments below!

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