Life Lately

Hello, Friends! Today I am sharing a little bit of our life lately. It seems that we have had some action packed weekends since my last Life Lately so enjoy!

A few weekends ago we we up to Sundown Mountain in Dubuque. This was basically my first time skiing but I didn’t do too bad! I had a short lesson and then stayed on the bunny slopes but I didn’t have any falls or crashes and it was really fun. Miguel kept to his snowboard which he really enjoys, we can’t wait to go back but not sure it will happen this year since it is currently 65 degrees out!

The first weekend in February, I set up our wedding flowers with our florist, we stopped at Chick-fil-a and then went bowling with some friends. I hadn’t been bowling in forever and I think we played 4 or 5 games so we must have enjoyed ourselves! Miguel won every game.

Then on Super Bowl Sunday we were excited to watch the Falcons because Miguel is a huge Falcons fan, sadly it didn’t end up how we wanted. But we had Miguel’s brother and his girlfriend and their son over and I made some meatballs, chicken lip dip and jalepeno popper bites and we had a good time.

Last weekend we went to the Casino in Riverside. We only go about once a year and have a good time. We set a small gambling budget and just have fun. Miguel thinks it’s funny that I like to play the slots 🙂 Miguel won ll his money back but I wasn’t so lucky.

This weekend we took a little getaway to Des Moines. We planned this to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Miguel’s birthday which is on Tuesday. We went to the mall and shopped, ate a great dinner at Flemming’s and stayed the night in an hotel before getting up early on Sunday and driving back because Miguel had to leave for a work trip.

Now Miguel is in Louisiana for the week so I’ll miss him but I have the house to myself to hopefully work on the blog and get a lot of wedding planning done!

Other than our weekend fun, we work, keep a household and sleep and that’s about it (except for enjoying the most gorgeous weather ever- in the 60s!!).

And that’s life lately. Thanks for reading along, have a great week!

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