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Today is another Workout Wednesday where I share how I have been working towards my fitness goal for this year! This month I will be focusing on how I have been training for my 5k that I am running in the middle of March. This has not been easy since for the most part it has been so cold lately (and is supposed to be bad weather for the next couple of weeks too) so it makes it hard to get outside to run! So today I will be sharing my typical 5k training I do. (I ran track in high school and this will be my 3rd 5k so I am no expert, nor a super fast runner, but I have experience and this is what works for me). As well as how I am dealing with training when it’s too cold and windy to run outside (and actually enjoy myself). This is also how I would start after not running for a long time – if you are a pro runner you will probably laugh 🙂 Last thing, I don’t have a gym membership so all of this is done AT HOME too! (But it could be done at a gym, on a track or on a treadmill but I just run through my neighborhood).

How I train for a 5k

I start off slow! If I feel like I am out of shape, I only run 1 mile to start. I think that a short run is better than no run at all so start where you feel comfortable!

I slowly add length to my runs. Sometimes I run the same amount as I did the day before and sometimes I add .25 or .5 miles to it. It all depends on how you feel, my only rule is that I never decrease the amount I last ran! Always run the same or more than what you did they run before.

I take walking intervals! I will typically run for .5-1.0 mile and then walk for a quarter and then run again for a length and then walk. I am working on doing longer running intervals each time I run. I am starting my first interval off at 1 mile right now and then doing .5 -.75 mile running intervals but it is totally okay to do .25 or .5 intervals of running. My rule is that I only will walk for .25 miles at a time and I always run more than I walk in any given workout.

-Once I build up to 3 miles of a combination of running and walking, I start cutting out walking intervals. I do this until there are no walking intervals left and I can run 3 miles straight without stopping!

I give myself plenty of time to train. I need at least 3-4 weeks to train for my 5k if I haven’t ran for a long time. This will depend on your abilities but just make sure you think about how long it will take you to build up to your 3 miles, make a plan!

I use my Fitbit app to tell me how long I have run, and it also gives me voice alerts after every half of a mile and I listen to music through the app as well. (You don’t have to have a Fitbit or be wearing it to use the run tracking on the app as long as you have your phone on you!)

How I am Training for a 5k During Winter:

I run outside when I can. I watch the weather for a decently nice day (a decent day in Iowa during winter that is lol) and make a running schedule out of it. If it is a little chilly I be sure to wear a headband and gloves. I try to still follow my plan above when I do this but it does make it harder.

I do training workouts indoors on most other days. These include a mix of arms, abs and leg body strength workouts I get from Pinterest (but I usually make up my own). I try to mix in cardio as well like jumping jacks and running up and down the stairs. I have been doing 25 minute workouts when I do this.

I add yoga into my workouts. I will do yoga in addition to my running workouts and in home workouts or just do a yoga video for the day. Yoga by Candace on Youtube has a TON of great videos to choose from! I have tried a lot of her videos and love them all. I think she really gives you a lot of options on what you want to work and does a good job working those areas and stretching them.

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10 Replies to “Workout Wednesday: How I Train for a 5k

  1. 5Ks are one of my favorite race distances. Run hard. Short and sweet. As a yoga teacher I love love that you added yoga to your training. You’ll be so ready for your next 5K.

    1. Yes me too – and I’m not sure if I could run anymore than that right now lol. And yes, I am loving yoga as well- I am a beginner but I am definitely seeing all of the benefits it has!

  2. I need to get back into running! I do miss it, as you stated just start off slow at 1 mile and eventually add in intervals, thank you for sharing this.

    1. Sometimes it’s hard! I know I fall into a lot of ruts of no running but once I start back up I always feel better about myself!

  3. These are great tips! I have a friend that does 100 mile marathons and he convinced me to do a half marathon a week before it was to go about. I was already running 6 miles a day i thought “how hard could it be”, let me tell you! I couldn’t walk for 3 days hard, hah. I love the way it makes me feel when i finish though, Keep hitting the road!

    1. I’ve never run a half before so good for you! I definitely would’ve felt the same way!

  4. I’m more of a swimmer than runner – but if we find a cyclist, we could be combo-triathletes. 😉 I never thought to look on Pinterest for workout routines – thanks for that tip!

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