Nutty Irishman – The Perfect St. Patrick’s Day Drink

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St. Patrick’s day is hard for me. I always want to get festive and celebrate it because I love holidays, but it always just sneaks up on me and then it’s over and I didn’t decorate for it or make any fun treats. As I was trying to think of a S. Patricks treat to blog about, this drink came to mind. It has been a staple in my family for years and I really love this drink. Between the name and the Bailey’s Irish Cream, I was like this could totally be a St. Patricks day drink! But in all honestly, it can be drank all year round. I do recommend it as an after dinner drink – it is the perfect finish to a meal with just the right amount of sweetness. Everyone will love it and I promise you will drink it right up, ever since I introduced them to Miguel, he requests it all the time! Plus, the recipe is super duper easy to make! We order it at restaurants as well, as a lot of bars have these liqueurs on hand.

Nutty Irishman After Dinner Drink

1 shot of Bailey’s Irish Cream
1 shot of Frangelico Hazelnut Liqueur
7 ice cubes

Add ice to a short glass, add both shots and stir with a straw until mixed. Then enjoy!!

That’s it- so simple fast and easy! But also, classy. It is 100% alcohol though so watch yourself on these drinks because they will hit you fast 😉

Thanks for reading along! Do you have any St. Patrick’s day treats I should make this week? Or maybe after dinner drink suggestions? Let me know in the comments below!

Have a great week and Happy St. Patricks Day! See you on Wednesday for my Wedding Wednesday Update for the month!

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  1. This sounds divine! I love Baileys in just about anything. And it doesn’t matter if you don’t decorate, you can celebrate in your own way 🙂

  2. This looks and sounds delicious!! St pattys has always been a fave festivity of mine. My kids now get involved in the festivities:)

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