Today I am linking up with Mix and Match Mama to talk about how I balance my home and work life for Workin’ It Wednesday. (I know, it isn’t Wednesday but the original post had to be postponed.) Here is the rest of the series if you would like to join in in the future:

So here’s how I work it:

I have a full time job, 40 hours a week in an office and I blog on the side but also run a household and have a fiancé, whom I live with. So with all that going on, it is super important to stay organized so each one of them can get the attention they deserve! That’s the key, plan and organize. I feel like I say that for everything, but it works. Scheduling is also very important, here’s a break down of how I run my life and try to stay sane.

Full Time Job 

I keep my work at work. Once I leave, I am done. I work the exact same hours everyday, this allows me to get to the office, focus on work, get all my stuff done and leave when my day is over. I don’t work while I am at home and sticking to the same schedule everyday really helps me know the boundaries of when it is work time and when it isn’t. I also like to get into work a little earlier everyday so I can leave a little earlier to have more time at home in the evening!


I set aside time after my full time job everyday to do blogging work. Including writing, pictures, graphics, etc. This is my blog time and I try to get everything done before Miguel gets home.


Every single day before I leave for work and after I get home, I do light housekeeping, then during that after work time that I spend in my office, I do bills, planning and things to keep our lives running smoothly. Again, I try to do this at the same time everyday, right when I get home from work so the rest of the night is stress free! I also meal plan every Sunday and have all the ingredients so I know what I am going to make everyday that week and there’s no rushing around to make dinner. (I also make great One Pot Meals that really cut down on cooking time so there’s more family time!)


Since I have done such a good job planning all of the “work” I have to do, the rest of my evenings I get to spend with Miguel. This is important time, we don’t want to spend our little time we actually see each other in the day (while we are awake) working and doing chores. I try to stay organized in the week too so weekends are family time as well. I do do a little bit of bookkeeping and blogging right in the mornings on the weekends and Sundays are Laundry and deep clean days, but I still have the majority of the weekend for fun. This way I relax and spend time with Miguel, just like a weekend should be spent. (Because I am not stressing about any work! :))

How do you keep a work/life balance?

See how I plan and organize here.

Thanks for reading, have a great week!


4 Replies to “How I Balance My Home and Work Life

  1. Balance is TOUGH, girl! I think you do a great job! For me, some days aren’t perfect and I miss out on some blogging work, but I can usually make up for it on another day, so it balances out!

  2. I love your tips! I don’t have kids yet either so I feel like my life is similar to mine! I need to get in the routine of doing housekeeping in the morning before work. I don’t work the same hours every day, which is kind of tough, but I feel like on my later mornings I could do a few chores!

    1. Thanks! Yes, I believe how structured my schedule is will change dramatically once I have children lol. And I love doing small housekeeping in the morning because once I get home, it feels good to come home to a picked up house instead of a big mess that I don’t want to deal with because I just got done working! Thanks for stopping by and checking my blog out!

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