Life Lately

I figured it would be time for a Life Lately post, but boy have we been boring in the last month!! Looking back at the last month, Miguel was gone for the first big chunk of it on a work trip and otherwise we have been keeping it pretty low key. So this will just be a rambling mess of things I can think of that have been going on in our lives and what we have been doing to keep busy. Here we go!

  • I revamped my blog name and design in the last month, so if you’re new here (or even if you aren’t) I hope you like it! I spent a lot of time moving over to a self hosted site and I am proud of the step I took to better my blog.
  • We basically just work. Work work work. That is how we spend our time. Then on weekends we shop and eat and sleep 🙂
  • I also have been trying to do a lot of wedding planning, you can read all about that here.
  • We ran a 5k this past weekend. It was SO cold and windy, it sucked. But Miguel got first place in his age group which was cool! (I was way behind him on this one.)
  • We also spent this past Sunday having lunch with Miguel’s brother’s and their girlfriends/children. It was fun, something we have never done but everyone enjoyed themselves and Miguel loves playing uncle! 🙂
  • My other news I’m super excited about is that I am going to Disney World for my bachelorette party! Hotel and flights were booked this past weekend so it is all official! It will be so fun and even though I’m not *supposed* to plan my own party, I love Disney and I love planning and it is my dream to plan all the Disney vacations I can so I am pretty pumped about this haha.

Otherwise we have done nothing out of the ordinary! I hope I didn’t forget anything.. well here’s some pictures from last weekend to enjoy:

Thanks for reading my little blog! See you Friday!

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