Hi everyone! I apologize in advance for the short post, but life has been crazy lately and I have not been feeling well so I have been going to bed so early this week! Which in turn means I can’t even think of 5 favorites from the week! So I’m am going to talk about some things you should drop everything to go watch because I LOVE them!


Moana: We rented this last weekend and If you haven’t watched this yet, I am telling you now to go rent it! Even if you have no children (we don’t) you should still get it. It combines my loves of Polynesia and Disney and it couldn’t get better. The songs are great, the story line is great, it’s funny, it’s cute and you’ll love it.


Trial and Error: This one is a new TV show on NBC that came out last week, so there are currently 4 short episodes. I have watched them all and it is so funny. It is from the creators of Parks and Recreation so if you like that kind of humor (I do, Parks and Rec is one of my favorite shows) then you should watch Trial and Error. There’s still plenty of time to catch up on the NBC app so you are all set for next week! This is a show you don’t want to miss.

Again, sorry for the so short and boring post but since I have done pretty much nothing this week, except watch TV apparently, this is all I got!

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And I’ll see you next week for a special travel post, some outfits and a book review!

Thanks for visiting! And as always, have a great weekend – I am looking forward to relaxing! What are your plans?

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