Happy Monday Everyone (and first blog post of April!)

Today’s post will be short and sweet! I wanted to use this time to update you all on a few things that will be changing/happening/going on here at Catching up With Claire starting this month!

I have decided to cut down my blogging to only two times per week instead of three. Because I do work a full time job and am planning a wedding, I think this will work better and allow me to deliver better content less frequently as opposed to trying to get three posts in every week and sometimes rushing them out. I hope all of my readers will understand and enjoy the (hopefully) improved and more focused content. I will still post on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays, I will just pick two of those days each week. This will allow me to stay flexible with my posts.

–With that being said, cutting down on the number of posts means I have to cut out some content I usually write about. I will be focusing on topics that are the most popular with my readers as well as ones that I enjoy writing the most. I have decided to no longer do the following monthly posts:

  • My Monthly Goals (I am still keeping my goals, I just felt repeating the same things every month was getting redundant). I think I will just do these at the beginning of the year, mid year and end of year to reflect.
  • Workout Wednesdays (Again with the redundancy, I may still do one every once in a while to go over anything new!)
  • What I’m Wearing. I am not a fashion blogger by any means so this one was one of the first to go. I will still post new clothing I find on my Friday Favorites posts.

I would love feedback on what you guys (my readers) love reading the most here on my blog so that I can keep delivering the content you want to see! Thank you so much for supporting my blog! Follow me on Bloglvin’ so that you never miss a post!

Check back later this week for another delicious one pot meal!

Thanks for catching up!

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