Hello Again! Happy Monday! I am so pumped because Spring is FINALLY here. No more freezing weather around here 🙂

As I put together my list of topics to blog about, I like to think of things that I have done and am used to, but the first time I did it, I had no idea what to expect. This way, I can write a post on something that I wish I would’ve known earlier, so I can hopefully help someone else out in preparing. And then this topic came to my mind- FACIALS! My first facial was less than a year ago and I have gotten three done since then. I love them and they are so relaxing! If my bank account would allow it I would probably go every month! Not only are they relaxing but they really make your skin look so healthy.

Anyways, when I scheduled my first facial, I had NO idea what to expect or what was gonna happen. I mean I know someone was going to probably rub some stuff on my face but I didn’t really know anything else. So I have compiled a list of things I wish I would’ve known before my first facial. (Every spa will be different, but this is how my experiences have been).

  1. You don’t have to remove your makeup before. I have gone after work with makeup still on or first thing in the morning with a clean face. It doesn’t really matter. But I wouldn’t suggest putting on a full face of makeup before going if you haven’t already been wearing it all day.
  2. You get undressed from the waist up and lay on a table and cover up with blankets (I really wish someone would’ve told me this one lol). I had no idea about this part. It is like getting a massage. You do this because she will rub/put product on your chest and shoulders and neck.
  3. They turn off the lights – or at least my salon did. There was some soft lighting but mostly dark with ambient sound effects. Perfect for relaxing.
  4. A thirty minute facial goes WAY faster than you think it will. Like it was over before I knew it.
  5. Take a look in the mirror and make a list of things you would like her to focus on before hand (dryness, oil, pores, acne, dark spots) if you come in knowing exactly what you want, you will be able to more clearly tell her instead of trying to come up with things on the spot.
  6. Don’t make any plans for right after – all your makeup will be off and my spa even gives me a head massage so my hair looks pretty messy afterwards too.

Well that’s all I can think of for now! If you have never gotten a facial and are wanting to get one and have nay other questions, let me know! There are places where you can find reasonably priced facials, just do your research.

Thanks for catching up!

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