Hi Friends! I thought today I would do a “get to know me post” and talk about my daily routine. I enjoy reading others’ posts similar to this, I think it really allows your readers to get to know you even more plus people are just nosey in general! So if your interested in what my average day looks like, continue reading!

Monday – Thursday (And most of Friday) pretty much all look the same around here (pretty boring!).

-6AM: Get out of bed, take a shower, get ready for work, pick up around the house eat breakfast.

-7:30ish-4ish: I am at my day job working away as a software engineer, programming helicopters for the Army and stuff.

-4Pm-ish to around 6PM: After I change into my comfy clothes and unpack lunch boxes and pickup around the house, you can usually find me in my home office! During this time I do our finances/pay bills, work on my blog, my candle biz, or silhouette projects. I also check social media and try to get my life organized and eat a snack during this time too. If I am lucky, I get a workout in during this time, but sometimes I’m just too busy or too tired. When the weather has been nice, I go sit out on the front porch to check social media/eat my snack outside because I spend so much time indoors, I don’t want to waste away all of the nice days we have!

6PM-6:30PM: I am usually starting to think about starting dinner at this point. I cook a home dinner every Sunday-Thursday night (that I have already meal planned during the weekend so I know exactly what to make). Miguel and I watch Wheel of Fortune at 6:30 and eat dinner at the table. Then I clean everything up and do the dishes. I’m usually done between7-7:15.

7:15-9PM: This is usually relax time. Miguel and I watch our shows during this time. Every once in a while some of my “office work” will carry over into this time or we are doing something special, but for the most part it’s pretty low key.

Then by 9PM we are usually headed upstairs to get ready ready for bed to get 8 hours of sleep and do it all again!

For a Friday, this is pretty much the same routine but I spend less time in the office after work and we go out to eat, do some shopping and either catch up on shows or watch a move before bed!

Not very exciting Monday-Friday life but I am definitely a creature of habit and like to keep things in a routine!

Thanks for catching up!


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