Happy Friday! I haven’t done a Friday Favorites for a while so I thought it was due time. I will be linking up this week to share some favorite things from the past week. Enjoy!


Cocoa Aloe Cucumber Lotion – Miguel got talked into buying this at Bath and Body Works last weekend when he had a sunburn, but the stuff actually is pretty good! The cocoa butter softens, the aloe heals and the cucumber cools you down. Miguel and I have loved it so far, I highly recommend it for the summer months!


The next few favorites are a few things I picked up when I went to Target this week – I bought a ton of stuff for me. First is this tank top – it was only $10!! Not even on sale, just $10. They had a ton of other colors too. The material is soft and it will be perfect for a summer casual look with denim shorts! Unfortunately, it does’t look like they sell it online so I can’t link it ūüôĀ you’ll have to check your Target!


I was in desperate need of a new swimsuit, I am really liking the Shade & Shore line at Target this year – I think the suits are super cute and they don’t look like cheap Target suits either, in my opinion. So I picked out this bright colored one! Hopefully I get a change to actually wear it to a pool…


I also got these adorable PJs at Target too! I only really had winter pajamas and since this weekend it really warmed up (to 90!!) our upstairs has been blazing hot – even with the air on. So when I saw this cute set I knew I needed to have it because they are the perfect summer PJ since I get so dang hot when I sleep. Here’s the shorts too.


And finally – the last favorite of the week – I get to announce the winner of my very first giveaway! Congrats to Crissie Woolard! You won the gather sign and candle – I will be emailing you today. Thank you to all that entered ad support the blog!

Thanks for catching up! Have a great weekend, see you next week!

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