Life Lately

Hi, friends! This weekend seemed to fly by (probably because I had a long list of things to do and it looks like I didn’t even make a dent in it) but the good news is that I only have a four day work week this week and then five days off in a row, so I am pumped! I thought it was due time to share a little life lately with you all, so here’s what we’ve been up to since my last update.. (aside from all of the normal stuff).

Night Out With Ice Cream

The NewBo City Market area in Cedar Rapids is just the cutest (especially on a nice and warm day like this one). A couple of Fridays ago, we got burgers at the market and then walked across the street to get ice cream cones, very yummy!

Mothers Day

I celebrated mother’s day with my mom by taking her out to eat at the Winery in Mt. Pleasant. They had a special brunch you could attend, it was my first time there but the scenery was pretty, the food was good and it was a beautiful day!

One Year House and Graduation Anniversary

Last Tuesday was our one-year Home-iversary – we moved into our house one year ago! It is so crazy to think that we have spent a whole year here. Time goes so so fast, but we love our home and are so happy we found it! (Mother’s Day also marked one year since I graduated from college).


Another thing I have been up to.. I am on a volleyball league team with a few people from work, which means every Wednesday night I go play sand volleyball for an hour. We aren’t that good, and the weather has sucked on all of the days we’ve played – but I have a good time!

Wedding Planning and my never ending to do list.

This seems like the story of my life. I have super long to do lists and what seems like never anytime to get it done because I always am adding to the end. I hope to do major work on the Wedding list this weekend on my days off – so wish me luck!

Thanks for catching up!

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