Today I am sharing a new super easy recipe with you all! Did you notice that I didn’t post a meal last month? #blogfail. But I’m back and ready to share another simple recipe that was made in about 5 ingredients plus seasonings! So you can’t get much better than that. For this recipe, I just started throwing things together, so it is definitely not anything fancy or mind blowing, but it tasted good and was just a different way to put together simple ingredients for a home-cooked comfort-food taste. I like to think of it as a step up from a normal spaghetti, so here we go.

Creamy Tomato Shells and Beef.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pasta: I used just under a full box of whole wheat shells
  • Beef: I used lean ground beef
  • Tomato sauce: I used 2, 8oz cans og Hunt’s
  • Heavy Whipping cream: I had one of those little cartons (half a pint I think) and I used almost all of it.
  • Parmesan: I use the fresh shredded kind
  • Water: about 1 an 3/4 cup to 2 cups, add as you see fit as it is cooking ( started with 1.5 cups).
  • Seasonings: Italian Seasoning, Minced Garlic, Onion Powder – to your liking

What you have to do:

  • Brown the beef until crumbly.
  • Add pasta, water, tomato sauce and seasonings.
  • Cook until pasta is just about done (this is usually about 11-15 minutes, depending how hard you like your noodles)
  • While it is still on the heat, I slowly start adding in the heavy cream and stirring. I like to make thick creamy sauce, so go slow. And it is still going to cook a couple of minutes while you do this.
  • Once you’re done. Turn off heat and add a handful of parmesan and stir until melted.

That’s it! I know this recipe isn’t very specific, but that’s the beauty of it, you can make it to your liking, I am just giving you the super simple idea and ingredients list. It sure was tasty and it made great leftovers!


Thanks for catching up!

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