Cheapest Place to Buy Your Bridesmaid’s Dresses – under $100

If you are on the search for a good deal on great bridesmaids dresses, look no further! I did the searching and found the best place for affordable maxi-length bridesmaids dresses that are classy and don’t look cheap!

So one thing that was important to me during my wedding planning was picking the perfect bridesmaid’s dresses. My requirements were that they all had to match, be long, flattering on all body types, available online and cheap! I did not want to make my bridesmaids pay a ton of money for a dress they were going to wear one time. But I also wanted the dresses to look nice and not cheap. Also, long dresses tend to be more expensive than short so I had to work with that too. I set my budget at a max of $100 and went off on my search on the internet for the perfect dress.

After some serious looking, I was so happy when I came across Lulu’s! They had so many options and colors and for reasonable prices (so many long dresses under $70!!) And although I wanted all matching dresses, they make it really easy to have different styles in the exact same colors if that is the look you are going for (so your bridesmaids could pick the dress they wanted in your specified color.) This is where my bridesmaids got their dresses and the consensus so far is that they look nice, are made of good material and are super long, which is great for heals!

I thought it would be impossible for me to find dresses I liked under $100 but I went even beyond that and I couldn’t be more pleased with these two online shops. Plus, shipping times are super quick (and free)! No waiting around like if you order from a bridal boutique!

I got my bridesmaids dresses Lulu’s and here are some pictures of my girls in them. They were around $70 with free shipping! But you should checkout their website and see all of the options they have!

I will say that with online stores like these, styles and sizes do run out sometimes so please plan ahead and check availability before committing – and once you do, have your girls buy ASAP. Also, always read the reviews!

Thanks for catching up!

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