Wedding Planning Update: 3-4 Months Out

Typing the number “3” in my month countdown makes me excited and nervous. Nervous because I feel like time is going by so so fast and the months are slipping away. But at the same time – it feels like I have been engaged forever and I’m kind of ready for it to be over lol. And of course because I am looking forward to my big day.

I feel like I was fairly productive in the wedding planning department in the last few weeks. Plus my bridal shower and bachelorette party planning are coming along greatly thanks to my awesome sister/maid of honor Laura.

Here’s what I have accomplished lately:

  • Cupcakes from Scratch are ordered!
  • Under the dress essentials are bought!
  • I bought some stuff for the reception including table numbers, cake topper, some stuff for centerpieces and a few other small decor things plus a cute little basket to hold the programs.
  • I made a super cute ring box and “Cards and Gifts” table wood sign that turned out super cute!
  • I reserved some rentals from Borrow My Vintage that I am super excited about.
  • My bridal shower outfits are picked out (outfits because I am lucky enough to have two showers thrown for me) and part of my bachelorette party outfit is picked out.
  • Honeymoon flight and hotel are booked!

What’s Next:

  • Finalizing my nail appointment
  • Reserving a limo (hopefully this week)
  • There are some more small reception decor things that I need to buy- I have a list of everything but am spreading things out and buying a few things each week.
  • Buy (and pick out) Favors
  • Start assembling invites
  • Buy a dress for my bachelorette party.

Sadly my dress isn’t in yet but I am hoping I get the call soon – I can’t wait to try it on!

Well, it’s time to start panicking about everything that isn’t done since by the next time I am writing a wedding update post, we will be at less than 3 months!!

Thanks for catching up!

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