June Book Review

June Book: The Husband’s Secret

This month’s book is another great one from Lianne Moriarty! Just like when I read Big Little Lies, I couldn’t keep this one down and I finished it basically before June had even started. The Husband’s Secret is definitely another book to add to your list!

It is written very similarly to Big Little Lies, through the view point of three different women. I thought I had this book all figured out since I had already read Big Little Lies and thought I knew how she was going to end it – boy was I wrong! This book will definitely keep you on your toes – the ending took my breath away.

One thing I liked better about this book was that there are so many thought-provoking things about it. And it really makes you think about love, loyalty, loss, how you would react in tough situations and many more deep topics. It would be great to read this in a book club to discuss all of these themes- but I would just settle for someone else I actually know reading it so I can talk to them about it because I don’t want to hold it in anymore (I even told Miguel all about the plot because I thought it was so interesting – he didn’t really care).

Have you read The Husband’s Secret? Do you have the same thoughts as I did? If you haven’t, I suggest to order it off of Amazon ASAP. (And finish it in a few days like I did).

I think for next month, I am going to order another Moriarty book, What Alice Forgot. I hear it is really good too and I am super excited to see what else this author has come up with to suck me into!

Thanks for catching up!

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