Why You Should Visit the Basque Country of Spain

In honor of the two year anniversary of me leaving for my Summer study abroad program in Bilbao, Spain, I thought I would share some pictures and some of the things that I did while I was there for three weeks. I hope to inspire someone else to study or even just visit this beautiful area and country. Bilbao is one of the safest cities in Europe and the people are so friendly. This city has a rich history with beautiful architecture  but it also right on the coast with many beaches. I was there in the summer and the weather was absolutely gorgeous as well.*It has been two years so I will do my best remembering names of things and the photos got uploaded in kind of a random order* Enjoy!

I visited the Basque History Museum and learned so much about the history of the area!

The next few pictures are from a day trip to San Sebastian. It was a couple hour bus ride away from Bilbao. It was a beautiful city as well!

I spent a lot of time in the “Old Town” neighborhood of the city. One day they were have some sort of traditional Basque “competition” of breaking logs with huge rocks basically.

This is the largest indoor market in Europe where they sell fresh food.

I loved all of the old architecture of all the buildings! It was so pretty!

This was the brand new soccer stadium for the city’s team.

We got to do a  boat tour of the city which was pretty cool!

There is a street of mansions right along the water. I loved looking at them all!

We even went kayaking!

We hiked up a mountain to this forest called the painted forrest. All of the trees are painted differently and it was definitely a cool experience.

This was the suspended bridge. There was a little bus looking thing that hung from it and would bring you to the other side of the water.

And I took this little tram up to the top of the hillside for gorgeous views of the city.

We also hiked to the top of this little mountain to the little church on top. It was so so cool and pretty.

This was the city center with the government building in the background.

Can’t forget the Guggenheim art museum and the flower dog!

One of the many beaches around Bilbao.

One of my favorite things – this is the best ice cream bar ever invented and I wish they sold them in the States.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to do in Bilbao and it is a lot of fun! If you are planning a trip to Basque Country, I can answer more questions and go into more detail about everything you need to see! I loved this city and would go back in a heartbeat. Everything I did and saw was so amazing. The food wasn’t bad either 😉

Thanks for making it through all of the pictures and for catching up!

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