4th of July Weekend

I hope you all had a great fourth of July and weekend! Over this past weekend, Miguel and I took a little two-day getaway to Wisconsin. Although it is just a short drive from where we  live, I had never been! Our plans were to stay in the Madison area and explore and then Sunday, drive the less than an hour trip to the Wisconsin Dells and hit up a water park.

Our trip started with a stop in Dubuque for lunch. It was an absolutely gorgeous day! We ate at Adobos and it was so good! It was like a pancheros/chipotle but a little more authentic. We got burrito bowls and they we both amazing.

After we checked into our hotel, we headed straight for the lake. We rented a kayak. Now I had been kayaking twice before, but they were both on guided tours and I really enjoyed them. This trip was however just us and the water and I actually found it a little boring. If I am going to kayak, I would like someone to teach me something apparently.

We got cleaned up and headed to downtown Madison for dinner. The capitol square area was super pretty. We ate dinner at The Old Fashioned and then stopped at another cute place, Louise’s for a Moscow Mule.

After drinks we caught site of this beautiful sunset over the lake and just had to stop and take a picture.

Sunday we got up and headed up to the Wisconsin Dells. We had tickets for Noah’s Ark water park. Unfortunately when we got there is was cold and cloudy and the water was freezing! Then it started to thunderstorm about mid-day. By the time the sun started shining and it got a little warmer (the water still freezing) we were tired and wanting to head back. So a little bit of a bust of a day.

That ends my pictures for the trip but after we got back to the hotel we went down to the hotel’s pool and hung out in the hotel for a while and then got carry out and ate dinner at the hotel in our pjs – because it was a vacation right and it’s supposed to be relaxing!

Monday we got up and checked out of the hotel and ate breakfast at a little place called C’s. It was a cute old school breakfast joint but had some pretty yummy food.

We headed back home and spent the rest of the long weekend celebrating the holiday at home.

Thanks for reading and catching up!

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