Linking up with Erica today for my monthly Friday Favorites!

This week, I struggled with what I was going to write about in this post because I usually talk about new things I have bought but I couldn’t think of anything new and exciting to share with you all. So enjoy the randomness I decided to talk about today!

New Grill

Last weekend we caved and bought a new grill so we are no longer cooking on the teeny tiny charcoal one anymore! And by we, I mean Miguel. However, now that we have a nice new gas grill, I am excited to learn how to use it and cook some new things out on the grill. What should I try?

Our Trip to Wisconsin

Did you catch our trip to Wisconsin recap I posted on Wednesday? Read all about it here.

Favorite Author

I just finished my third Liane Moriarty book! I have read the Husband’s Secret, Big Little Lies and now What Alice Forgot. I loved them all! I am turning into a big Moriarty fan. However, I am afraid that those were the best books and I won’t like her other ones. Am I wrong? Is there another similar artist I should start reading? Please help me out! I need to pick my August book (although I seem to be reading and finishing my “book of the month” before that month barely even starts – Moriarty’s books are all just so good!)

Well, that’s it! Short and simple today.

Have a great weekend and thanks for catching up!

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