Wedding Planning Update: 45 Days to Go

Only 45 more days until the wedding which means after this I only have ONE more wedding planning update left! Then it will be wedding recap posts (which I think may be more fun ;)). In my posts, I go over a list of things that I have finished up since my last planning update and then give a list of the things that need to be done before the next update. So here it is.

Completed Since Last Update:

  • I have my rehearsal dinner dress bought.
  • I have meetings scheduled with all of the vendors to finalize all the details.
    • I had florist last week.
    • This week I have meetings with my photographer, hair dresser and officiant.
  • My first fitting is scheduled.
  • Some more gifts have been bought but not all.

Next on the to do list:

  • Get Miguel’s Tuxedo Altered
  • Finish buying gifts.
  • Finish buying miscellaneous items we need.
  • Finish up my DIY projects.
  • Finalize timeline for the day.
  • Assign jobs.
  • Start on the seating chart.

It is starting to get real and our to do list is getting much shorter and is filled with all of the “finalization” details of the wedding. Which is good but also scary because I feel like there is still a lot to do to make sure everything is perfect and runs smoothly.

Hopefully by the next post pretty much everything above is done 🙂

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Thanks for catching up! I will be back next week!

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