Life Lately

I figured it was time for me to share some life lately on the blog, but boy have we been pretty boring! They funny thing is is that we have been so so super busy. But I guess it is because of the upcoming wedding so I have been busy planning, organizing decorations, ordering things, going to meetings with vendors, basically things that aren’t fun to take pictures of. Plus the normal working and taking care of a house 🙂 that kind of takes up our time.

But here is what I have to share:

Did you see the post on my second bridal shower? It was held at a little chocolate shop and it was the cutest!

We added to our family! Meet Sophie (although if you know me personally, you already know her since she spent the first 8 years of her life living at my Mom’s house ;)). She has taken some time to adjust to living in her new home but has made some huge improvements in the last two weeks. She especially loves to take naps with Miguel.

We also took a little trip to attend one of my good friend’s wedding! We had a lot of time and it was such a beautiful wedding and reception.

And this past weekend, we finally had a weekend where we had absolutely no plans and I was more than happy to keep it that way. (Because we haven’t had a plan free weekend in weeks and we don’t have another one for a long time) It was so great to just relax at home and catch up on things.

And this coming weekend, Miguel and I both have very special trips planned that you can read all about when I am back here next week.


Thanks for catching up!

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