Wedding Planning Update : 15 Days to Go

I seriously can not believe that our wedding is only 15 days away. And that means I have about 13 days to get everything on my list done (I want to be completely done with everything on the Wednesday before).

Things have started to just run together and it’s hard to keep track of what I’ve finished since last time I posted but I will try my best. Lets just start with, I have done a lot and there are still a lot of things to do!

What I’ve Completed Since Last Post:

  • Miguel’s tuxedo has been tailored.
  • Gifts are almost all bought
  • All of my DIY things are complete
  • There is nothing else I have to buy
  • The seating chart is coming along – but not done
  • And I have done a lot of work on the timeline and job assignments but it isn’t done yet
  • I had my first fitting for my dress

What is left to do:

  • Finish my execution plan and timelines and print them all out
  • Contact and finalize all details with all of my vendors
  • Get the rest of the RSVPs, finish the seating chart
  • Put together my emergency kit
  • Get our marriage license
  • Have my final fitting and pick up my dress
  • Wrapping gifts
  • Practice Dancing
  • Pack up all of our stuff!


My next wedding posts will be recaps – so exciting! Can’t wait to share all of the details from our big day! Than you so much for following along with all of these weddings planning posts. You can check out all of them here:

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Thanks for Catching up!

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