100 One Pot Meals Announcement

Hello Readers!

I am back to blogging more regularly now that most of wedding craziness has died down. Why didn’t anyone tell me that I would have more to do the week after than the week before??

But anyway, as you could probably tell form the title I have a new blog series to announce. I have made a goal for myself to make (and blog) 100 different one pot meals! If you have been following along, you know that I have already posted a few of my one pot meals. I am counting those towards my 100. (They are updated with numbers now and you can view all eight of them here!)

Now here is my criteria to consider something “One Pot”:

I will only use one pot, pan, skillet, baking sheet etc to cook the entire meal (meat, grain, veggie). For me, this means only one thing I have to wash by hand. (Because I put plates, bowls, silverware, cups, etc in the dishwasher!) This means I don’t use strainers either!

About my meals:

I make one pot meals in various ways: skillet, crockpot, cookie sheet, 9×11 baking pan, dutch oven.

I use a variety of meats, veggies, pasta, rice and breads to keep things interesting. Though I admit there will be a lot of pasta recipes because those are easiest!

A lot of them I have taken recipes and adapted them to be one pot. I feel like I have gotten a good hang of turning a lot of different recipes on Pinterest into one pot meals.

I do not make one pot meals every night but one or two nights a week I do. There are just somethings that can’t be made one pot that we like to eat so it just isn’t realistic.

These meals will save you so much time and are so easy! I have no complicated ingredients and try to make things as simple and easy as possible. And clean up will be fast and easy too!

My plan is to post a new meal weekly so please keep coming back to check them out. I will keep a running list here of all my recipes for reference and it would make me so happy if you tried some out and let me know what you thought. Next Monday will be my newest meal.

Thanks for catching up, I can’t wait to make it to 100!

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