Final Wedding Planning Update: Post Wedding

Hello Friends!

Today I we are 18 days post wedding and I am so glad all of the planning is over! However, I thought I would still recap all of the things I still had on my “left to do” list from my last wedding planning post and also talk about all of the things that have to be done post wedding!

What I’ve done since last post:

  • So I obviously finished all of my pre wedding to do’s I listed in the last post!
  • We organized and put away all of our wedding memorabilia, decor and gifts
  • I ordered my wedding dress preservation box/services
  • We got out marriage certificate and I have started the name changing process (what a pain!)
  • Dry cleaned Miguel’s tux and our rehearsal dinner outfits

What’s left to do:

  • Send off my dress to be cleaned and preserved
  • Order and write thank you cards
  • Finish changing my name
  • Order prints of our pictures once they are done

So even after the wedding is over, there is still a lot to be done so if you are planning a wedding keep that in mind. I think the week after the wedding was more stressful than the weekend before.

Once I have wedding pictures back, I will begin writing wedding features that will showcase different details of our big day and how everything went and give any tips I have or where I bought things so be on the look out for those posts.

Thanks for catching up!

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