Happy Friday!

In stead of a Friday Favorites or life update type post, I saw this Fall favorites questions list on another blog and thought it would be fun to answer! I love all things Fall and love getting into the spirit of the season!

Favorite Fall Sweet Treat:

I LOVE pumpkin bars. I made some last weekend and they were so good!

Red yellow or green apples:

I love green apples the best.

Favorite Fall Sport To Play:

I would’t say I play any sports but I love watching football!

Best Drink for Fall:

I love hot chocolate, mochas, and anything apple cider-y!

Favorite fall Activity:

Pumpkin patch!

Must Have Fall Purchase:

New sweaters and jeans.

Pumpkins: Pick your own or store bought?

I have found it’s easier to just buy them at the store lol. Still love the pumpkin patch though.

Real or Fake Pumpkins:

Real ones outside and fake ones inside 🙂

Favorite Halloween Costumes:

Miguel and I have dressed up every year together! We did pretty good last year though 🙂

I wish I had more pictures from halloween when I was growing up, we always had good costumes!

College Football of NFL?

College. I LOVE me some college football.

Fall or Halloween Decor?

I have more Fall decor because it can stay up longer but we also put halloween decor out and I like it too. Miguel LOVES halloween decor though, he gets really into it.

Raking Leaves or no leaves to rake?

We don’t really have any trees lol.

Favorite Soup?

Taco or chicken enchilada soup!

Favorite Fall Candle Scent?

White pumpkin is the best!!

Love or hate Pumpkin Spice?

I like pumpkin flavored foods but not coffee so much.

Short booties or tall boots?

Booties all the way!

Favorite Halloween Candy?

I really like mini Kit Kats

PSL yes or no?

I tired my first one this year and I just wasn’t impressed.

Hayride or corn maze?


Favorite Fall TV Show?

We are watching the Voice, the Blacklist, The Good Place and Will & Grace this fall!


Thanks for Catching up!

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  1. I love your couple costume from last year. Too cute! I don’t do coffee – or any other warm drink – so I’ve never had a PSL. I don’t really go for pumpkin things; I really like all things apple though!! I really need to get some (cold) apple cider; I haven’t had any this year yet!!


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