Today I am linking up with Mix and Match Mama for What’s up Wednesday to update you one what’s going on in the life of Claire!

What We’re Eating:

Sunday: Sausage and Tortellini Slow Cooker Soup | Monday: Skillet Chicken Enchiladas | Tuesday: Broccoli Chicken Mac and Cheese | Wednesday: Walking Tacos | Thursday: Tilapia | Not sure what the weekend will bring us.

And if you haven’t, You should check out my list of One Pot Meals – I am on my way to 100!

What I’m Reminiscing About:

Our awesome weekend nature walk/photo shoot date we had on Saturday!

What I’m Loving:

Wedding pictures!!

What we’ve been up to:

Just post wedding life: cleaning up the house, changing my name and trying to get back to a semi-normal life in time for the holidays.

What I’m Dreading:

Just all the name changing stuff.

What I’m Working on:

Learning on how to use my new camera!

What I’m Excited About:

Enjoying the holidays! And Halloween!

What I’m Watching/Reading:

I’m currently reading November 9 and watching Will & Grace, Blacklist and Good Place. (Review to come soon!)

What I’m Listening To:

Nothing at the moment.. will probably turn on some Halloween tunes soon.

What I’m Wearing:

Trying to bring out all the fall clothes: sweaters and leggings!

What I’m doing this weekend:

Possibly pumpkin patching and brunching with friends! There’s also a new Halloween parade downtown.

What I’m looking forward to next month: 

Hosting Thanksgiving at our house!

What else is new:

Nothing really!

Thanks for catching up!

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