October TV and Book Review

Hello Friends. Today I am sharing what I have been reading and watching!

I have been sticking to my goal of one book a month this year so in October I read book number 10. I decided to go with another book by author Coleen Hoover (I read It Ends with Us back in August) and read November 9th.

November 9 for me was just okay, I wasn’t completely in love with the story but it had some plot twists and some interesting plots so i give it a not bad but not great. It is a love story about two people (an actress and a write) who meet on November 9th when they are 18 and agree to continue to meet only on November 9. The date ends up having some other significance as well that ties into the story. I don’t like to give away too much of stories because I like everyone to be able to form their own opinion and have their own surprises. It is more romance though so if you aren’t into that then I definitely wouldn’t recommend. But it did have pretty good reviews on Goodreads so check it out yourself!

As for the non book readers, here is what we’ve been watching on TV.

Blacklist – we love blacklist!

Will & Grace – Another favorite! I also am watching the old reruns on the NBC app.

Good Place – A great new comedy.

Shameless – We just started it on Netflix and have only watched 2 episodes.

Plus trying to watch all of the Halloween movies and shows!

Thanks for Catching Up!

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  1. I have yet to read Colleen Hoover! I really need to remember to get one of her books from the library! We have been watching Stranger Things and I am still making my way through Parenthood when my husband and I are both not watching together.

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