Working It Wednesday: Prepping For the Holidays

Today I am linking up with Mix and Match Mama for Working it Wednesday. This month’s topic is how we work prepping for the holidays. This year is exciting because we are hosting our first Thanksgiving in our home. That means I have had to do some serious planning because I am a host for a major holiday. So I am going to share what I have been doing so I am prepared for guests for Thanksgiving but also give a peek into how I am going to prep for Christmas as well!

Make an Execution Plan

This is the first thing I did when I knew I was hosting Thanksgiving was start an execution plan. Basically I just opened up a document on my computer and organized it into three categories: Full Menu, Shopping List and Timeline/To Do list for the entire week.

Starting with the menu and then working your way down of what you need to buy and then when you need to do prep work and cooking will help keep yo on top of things and ready for the day!

I also denoted who was bringing any dish I wasn’t making or where I was buying anything I wasn’t making.

Bonus: I already started buying non perishable items I need for the menu to alleviate some of the groceries I will have to buy the week of.

I would recommend doing this for any bog holiday party you are having at your home!

Also I am so glad that Influenster sent me all of these goodies to try out this Thanksgiving. This box was one of my favorites because I am definitely going to use all of the products.

Be ready for Christmas

We recently organized our basement and I have all of the Christmas decor organized together on shelves in totes. I know where all of my decor is so that once Thanksgiving is over, I can easily start getting out christmas because I know where everything is and it is accessible.

We also have already outlined our Christmas shopping list. We write down everyone we have to shop for and then set a budget for all of our gifts and distribute it between our list so we know just how much we can spend on each person. As we start buying gifts, we fill in the list with what we have spent and that keeps us on track for spending and making sure we have all of the gifts we need!

I hope you found my tips helpful and that you have a great holiday season!

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