Wedding Detail #1: Bride and Groom Attire and Tips

I am so excited to start this series! I really wanted to share all of the details and tips I have from our wedding. I plan on focusing on a specific area so I can really get into the details of everything. In this first post I am going to discuss the most important parts of the wedding, the Bride and Groom! I am going to give all of the info on the attire Miguel and I on our big day.



I purchased my dress at Hope’s Bridal in Atkins, IA. I absolutely loved the back detail and neckline. As well as all of the lave and train. I bought my dress 8.5 months before the wedding. I would recommend buying between 7-11 months. If you pick too early, your body may change or your taste may changes and you’ll see something you like better! Extra tip: don’t forget to budget for alterations, these will be a few hundred dollars.


I bought my shoes at Nordstrom online and they were absolutely perfect! I wanted lace heels to match my dress but I also didn’t want a super high heel so these were perfect. I recommend Nordstrom’s because of their fast and free shipping and returns! I bought two pairs and chose the ones I liked better. Plus they have a ton of choices online.  My advice would be to order shoes before your dress comes in and start wearing them around the house to break them in!


I got my Hairpiece, earrings and bracelet all from UsaBride on Etsy. I recommend looking at Etsy for these pieces because they were so reasonably priced and I could get pieces that all matched. Also, keep the jewelry simple.


I found a wonderful lady to do our hair and makeup. She came to my hotel room which I definitely recommend. This way we didn’t have to worry about getting to an appointment and we could wear our robes and relax in the hotel room. My advice would be to look on Pinterest and save photos of bridal hair that you think would really work for your hair and narrow it down to your favorites to show to your hairstylist.


My tips for nails would be a classical color, get gel and get them done two days before so you can get it out of the way! Go to someone you trust as well.



Miguel really wanted to purchase his tuxedo as opposed to rent. Last New Year’s he was browsing Men’s Wearhouse and noticed they were having a HUGE sale on tuxedos. He found a $600 tuxedo for $250 and we immediately bought it because the sale lasted for only a few days. If buying is something you are interested in, I recommend looking out for a sale like this around the holidays. Because will spend almost $200 on a tuxedo rental anyway and now Miguel has his tuxedo forever. (Extra Tip: it cost us about $30 to tailor the tuxedo at Men’s Wearhouse so it fit perfectly).


We bought Miguel’s tuxedo shoes on the sale rack at Von Maur. I would start keeping an eye out early for black shoes on sale at all major department stores to get a great deal.


Having a nice watch is so important for the Groom on the wedding day. Miguel wanted his to make a statement but he did not already have a watch that was formal enough. So we checked out Kohl’s and found a great deal on a watch that I think is really sharp. They had a great sale plus Kohl’s always has coupons so I would recommend looking into Kohl’s for a great watch.

Thanks to Hannah White Photography for all of the wonderful pictures as well.

Thanks for catching up! I will continue with these wedding posts so keep coming back!

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