DIY: Cabinet and Drawer Hardware

Happy Monday, Friends!

Today I am sharing a project that I have wanted done since we moved into our house a year and a half ago. I’m super excited to say that Miguel finished putting hardware on every cabinet and drawer in our house! Kitchen, bar, living room and two bathrooms. And guess what? It was super easy!

I think that hardware on the cabinets just make them feel more complete and high-end, honestly. It was something I was sad about not having when we moved in. (Because even if we hated them, they are super easy to change out if the holes have already been drilled but unfortunately we had to drill the holes ourselves). This made us a little nervous since we didn’t want to accidentally ruin our cabinets, but once we committed I was so glad we did because it wasn’t a very hard project and could be completed in a day.

If this is something you are interested in doing, I encourage you too because we found out you don’t need to be an expert by any means, as long as you have the tools and patience you will be good to go!

I’m going to share my tips and how we do things to show you how simple it really was!

Supplies you Need:

Cordless Drill and Correct Drill Bit Size:

Miguel is the tool guy so he already had a cordless drill and you just need to look at the drill bits you have and choose the right size for the screws that you have for your hardware (see below). Start smaller and test it if you aren’t sure.

Marking Tool/Center Punch:

We bought one of these at Lowe’s so that Miguel could measure and then mark the exact spot, set it down and get his drill to make the hole.

Ruler or Measuring Tape:

Miguel hand measured each cabinet and drawer. Make sure you are centered, there may be some simple math involved!

Hardware and Screws:

We purchased 10 and 12 packs from Lowe’s. This was the most cost effective way to buy them. They go for about $25-$30 for the 10 packs that we bought and I think we bought 4 packs total of pulls and knobs so it was a little over $100 for the entire house.


Just incase, you might not need it since you out the screw in from the back and screw the hardware on the front.


Measure from the top for your cabinets:

We put the pulls on the drawers the same distance down from the top on all of the drawers as opposed to putting them dead center, to create a more uniform look.

Take your Time:

Miguel made sure his measurements were precise and looked consistent before drilling.

Mix up pulls and knobs:

We did pulls on drawers and knobs on cabinet doors. I like this look. As long as they are the same color I think they look great.

Clean up with a vacuum:

At first I tried to “wipe” up all of the saw dust mess (trust me there will be a ton of sawdust!) and that was not working out. I pulled out the vacuum and attachment and just started sucking it all up and it made my life and clean up so much easier.

A Huge Thank You to my hubby for doing most of the work, I really love how it turned out! We also updated our outlet covers (so easy to upgrade!!) to a brushed nickel plate like our hardware in our kitchen and I love the updated look we got.

Thanks for catching up!

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