Game of Things: Thanksgiving Edition + Free Printable

I am so excited for today’s post! I am linking up with my sister, Laura and we are coming together to share with you all two ideas that you need to incorporate into your Thanksgiving or Friendsgiving celebrations!

I am sharing a great game you can play with the whole family with a free printable and Laura is sharing some festive drinks for you to serve your guests while you play!

I created a Thanksgiving version of “The Game of Things” that is super easy and fun for the whole family. Keep scrolling down for details and see how you can download and print the game for your self!

How to Play:

Shuffle cards into a pile. One person draws a card from the deck and reads it aloud to everyone playing. This person is the Reader for this round. The person to the left of the Reader is the Guesser this round. All other participants will write down an answer to the prompt the Reader gives on a slip of paper. When everyone is finished writing, the Reader will collect and read all of the answers, once through so everyone can hear. And then the Reader will read the answers a second time through one by one and the Guesser must try and guess which participant wrote what answer. (Without looking at handwriting). Then Guesser will become Reader and so on.

There isn’t really a “winner” just fun and laughs for everyone! You can regulate the “guessing” however you would like. An option would be to guess and if they are wrong they keep guessing until the find the right person.

All you have to do if print the sheets below, cut out the cards and slips are you are ready to play! One sheet of the answers sheet should be enough for 2 people to play all 15 rounds. But you could also just cut up plain strips of paper as well. I recommend  printing on cardstock thick paper so that the cards are nice and sturdy.

Click each of the pictures below to download the PDF versions to print (the first two pics actually go to the same 2 page document). IMPORTANT: I had to scale the pages to 95% in the print settings to make sure it fit on the paper!

Thanks for catching up! Don’t forget to check out Laura’s post too!

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  1. I LOVE Things! I’ve never played a Thanksgiving-themed one though. My family will love this. This is my favorite time of the year! It’s so good to have family around. The living room is always our gathering place, I’m so glad to have gotten a fresh carpet cleaning recently. It breathes life into our home. Thanks for these wonderful ideas, I can’t wait to implement them with my own family.

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