Powder Room Painting Project

So other other weekend, Miguel and I last minute decided to paint our powder room downstairs before Thanksgiving. I had been wanting to paint in our house for a while but decided to try and take on a small (and what I thought would be) easy room. However, I had never painted a room before and really didn’t know what I was getting into. Miguel helped take things down and tape the walls but I was on my own for painting.

Here’s what it looks like now that it is done..

But here is what it looked like when we moved in. Sorry for the terrible picture, I got this offline from the pictures when the house was for sale. Like I said this project was last minute and I forgot to take before pictures.

The Process:

We took out everything in the bathroom except the toilet and sink, but all hardware had to go. Then we taped off the ceiling and all of the wood trim and I painted the edges first. Then I did two coats of paint. The paint is HGTV by Sherwin Williams and the color is Grey Screen. We also painted the ceiling white because one, I got a little bit of grey on the ceiling and two because it is the ugly tan color the rest of our house is and it just didn’t go with the grey. I love the ceiling white though because it really brightens up this dark little room!

This whole thing took three days form start to finish. (Including two weekdays so I also had to work) Which was longer than I thought it would. It was also super tiring because the ceiling in this room is really high! Also painting behind the toilet and sink was super annoying and moving around the step ladder in the tiny room also was a challenge. In hindsight, I learned that just because bathrooms are small doesn’t mean they are easier to paint!

My tips:

Buy one of these handheld buckets.
Press your painters tape down really hard
Use a roller for large spaces but paint brush the edges.
Lift tape before it completely dries so you don’t pull up the edges.
Don’t forget a drop cloth!

I hope you like our little bathroom mini makeover, thanks for catching up!

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