Christmas Decor House Tour

Hi Friends! Today I am sharing my home all decorated for Christmas! I took a ton of pictures so I tried to cut back on which ones I posted here because I didn’t want it to be too too long, so every detail may not be shown but I tried my best to showcase most of everything 🙂

That being said there are still a ton of pictures and not too many words so enjoy scrolling! This is our second Christmas in the house so I am still trying to figure out how the best way to decorate is but I have more going on than last year and I think it is an improvement so we will see how things keep growing as years come!

And we got an elf on the shelf because I don’t know?? Miguel wanted one and put it in the cart. We aren’t doing anything special with it for now, he just hang out 🙂

And yes, there are four Christmas trees. I am gunning for another big one fore next year too 🙂

There are honestly more pictures of more decorations I took but I just didn’t want to bore you any longer, just know, our house is extra festive. Not forgetting to mention our outside lights Miguel put up too! I will have to snap a picture of those as well.

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I am sharing more wedding details and photos on Friday so come back then!

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