Working it Wednesday: Keeping Sane During the Holidays

Today I am linking up with Mix and Match Mama for Working it Wednesday. This month’s topic is how we work on staying sane during the holidays.

Last Monday I posted about how I stay on top of my Christmas shopping and wrapping so you can see those tips here!

My gift buying tips really are some of my biggest things that keep me sane, because sometimes I feel that is the most stressful thing about the holidays! Start early, keep an updated list and wrap as they come in so that you can be like me and be completely finished buying and wrapping!

The other thing I try to do to allow myself to enjoy the season more is start and finish decorating in a short window of time. Dragging on the decorating and having things a mess and boxes out really stress me out. I start the weekend after Thanksgiving and try to get everything done in a day or two so that I can clean up the mess and enjoy my cozy space! Set a time to do ALL your decorating and do it then, don’t drag it out. 

You can check out my Christmas Home Tour as well for more Christmas spirit!

A new thing I am trying this year to keep my self sane is making my cookies early and then freezing them. The past three years I have made all of my cookies on one day (a few days before Christmas) and that is just kind of stressful. I like baking but I don’t like feeling rushed or last minute. So I am going to spread my baking over the next two weekends and freeze my cookies. We will see how I like this process!

Since it is just me and Miguel, we don’t have a lot of other things to keep sane about except for gifts, decorating and baking. Although, we do have some sort of party to attend every day from the 21st though the 27th so I’m not sure how we will stay sane for that, any tips are appreciated 🙂

Thanks for catching up!

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