Favorite Christmas Traditions

Happy Friday! Today I have even more Christmas to add to your week, I am talking traditions! What I love about traditions is they make the season so special and give you something to look forward to every year. I also love that you can always add new traditions! We have a few old and a few new but there are always room for more!

Christmas Light Drive

Pretty much every year sine we have been together, Miguel and I drive around and look at the Christmas lights. Miguel actually worked as a Christmas Light decorator in college so he knows where all the big houses that pay to have their Christmas lights put on are 🙂 We love doing this together and our street actually looks pretty good itself.

*sorry this is a super bad pic I didn’t take any other ones hopefully I can get one of our street soon! This is one picture we took the other night of this Griswold house!


I love having my house decorated so that we can watch TV and sit by the fire with the glow from the tree and garland. It just makes things so much better!


Every year for the past 3 or 4 years I have made Christmas goodies right before Christmas. I usually make different things every year, I am trying to find “my thing” so I have made a lot of different cookie recipes. We will see how I like the ones I make this year.

Christmas Movies

We love watching Christmas movies at night or the weekends. I try to pick out Christmas-y things to watch because I want to fill in as much as I can during the month of December.

Elf – NEW

We bought an Elf and since we don’t have children, he is just kind of chilling by the fireplace for now. But someday he may get into some mischief 🙂 Miguel and I did read the book though on November 30 so I think that is a nice tradition to start.

Christmas Picture – NEW

I convinced Miguel we needed a Christmas picture even though we aren’t sending out Christmas cards. (I was sick of mail after writing wedding thank you’s) but we are definitely going to keep this tradition up because I mean, look how cute we are.

Christmas Party – NEW

Also new this year, is hosting a Christmas party! I’ve wanted to do it for so long so I am so excited for our little gift exchange with friends 🙂 But I can’t wait to make a tradition out of this as well.

But I want your ideas for traditions too! I feel like I want more for Miguel and I to start. What are your favorite traditions (especially that newlywed couples can enjoy)? Please let me know in the comments, I would love to hear and get your ideas!

Thanks for catching up! See you next week!

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