New Year’s Goals

Happy New Year!

Yesterday was my 24th birthday so I always start the year off with a fresh new age 🙂

Last year, I started documenting the things in my life I wanted to improve on and I created New Yeas goals for myself. I am proud to say that I have accomplished many of my goals that I set to last year- like reading a book every month and better self care!

I am doing the same this year and have made a few goals for myself that I would like to accomplish. I believe they are all attainable and will better my life in some way. I like recording my goals here because it gives me a place to come back to and remind me of my goals and I know they will always be documented so I won’t forget about them!

My goals are broken up into three categories: entertainment, self care and blog.


  • Read 14 books (2 more than this year!)
  • Make one date night recipe a month (my sister got us this really cute cookbook for Christmas that has the recipes for a date night in dinner and I think it is such a cute idea!)
  • Watch the shows on my to watch list: I know this is a weird goal but there are quite a few shows I want to get in.

Self Care:

  • Take a bath every other week- relaxation time 🙂
  • Yoga OR do a workout everyday – because I really want to improve my posture
  • Watch calorie intake daily
  • Keep improving skin care routine – especially at night.
  • Drink at least 4 bottles of water a day


  • Based on this year’s page views, I have a new page view goal I would like to accomplish this coming year.
  • I have some website improvements I would like to make
  • Grow my Instagram and Facebook following.
  • I will be continuing my Monday, Wednesday, Friday post schedule for the entire year as well!

I also bought a journal that I am going to start using for habit tracking/bullet journaling so that I can keep track of my goals and see how well I am sticking to them.

I will hopefully have pictures to show you of how I am organizing it soon, but this is my basic idea of what I want to do:

Have you done something like this? I think it is such a great idea!

Thanks for Catching up!

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  1. Happy late Birthday! I totally understand the part about watching shows on your list! I have had a few shows I’ve wanted to watch for a long time and I want to finish them! I finally finished The Office and now I’m on to Parks and Rec.!

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