How I Do: Yearly Goals

I am linking up with Mix and Match Mama for the “How We” series. And today I am showing how I do yearly goals!

So I made some goals for the year and blogged about them last week. You can see those here. They include different categories like entertainment, personal care and blog.

My biggest thing with making goals and number one tip is – make it visual. Write it down, post it, etc so you can see it and remind yourself.

Making a post on my blog makes a super easy place for me to come back to and reflect on my goals at the end of the year and look at how my goals change over the years. But for day to day, there are so many options to keep track of your goals!

Before I wrote my blog post, I started out with just a word document where I made and typed out my specific goals. Things I wanted to work on, make a habit out of and accomplish. Again, this is great to look back on from time to time to remind yourself.

For every day here is how I am making sure I am reaching my goals:

-Journal for habit tracking: For goals that are things you are trying to do every day like maybe stretch, floss, workout – make a bullet journal! I just bought one and am tracking my habits I want to form in that. Make a little chart of the habits you want to create lined up with days (maybe one chart a month) and then fill in the square when you accomplish that task every day. Such a great way to keep track of how you are doing and also hold yourself accountable!

-Workout tracking sheet: I started a 12 week workout program and I made a chart to hang in the workout room so I can check off each of my workouts and keep myself accountable and also motivate myself.

-Planner: For goals that require you to set aside time to do them, write them in your planner! Things like when I am going to do my workout and what cleaning I am going to do each week/month all goes in my planner so I know exactly when I am going to do something and don’t get overwhelmed.

-Notebooks: Notebooks are perfect places for my blog goals! I have a notebook for recipes and a notebook for ideas and todo’s.

I’ll be going through all of my erin condren planning stuff in detail on Friday so check back for that!

Thanks for catching up!

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