What I’m Reading and Watching

Hi friends!

Today I thought I would share what I am watching and reading lately! I like everything I mention below and recommend them all!


I am currently about halfway through If Only You Knew by Kristin Higgins and I really like it so far! It is romance and girly but also with real life drama. You can click the book image to take you to the link!

Netflix:Over Christmas break I watched the second season of the Crown (So good!) and I am low-key obsessed with the British Monarchy now. And then I watched the 3rd season of Fuller House.

Miguel and I are now watching Shameless together which we really like!


We have a show every night of the week now that regularly scheduled TV is back for the spring season.

Monday: The Bachelor- I really like Arie so far!

Tuesday: Curse of Oak Island

Wednesday: Blacklist

Thursday: Good Place and Will and Grace

Friday: Blindspot

What are you watching and reading that is a “must”?? Let me know in the comments!

Thans for catching up!

2 Replies to “What I’m Reading and Watching

  1. That sounds like a good book. I’ve been watching The Bachelor too. Although, I hope next week’s episode isn’t mostly based about Krystal. I’ve also been watching MTV’s The Challenge and America’s Next Top Model.

  2. I have both the Crown and Shameless on my list! I too am loving the Bachelor. Also, my husband and I just started bloodline and we are really enjoying it. It took a little while to get into, but now we really like it!

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